Our company was established in August 2016 and established a Sino Japanese joint venture in Dalian, China with the business philosophy of "making contributions to a resource recycling society with renewable technology". With the development of business in China, Wuxi Branch was established in June 2018.
In today's society, the urgent problem to be solved by the industry is "from producing a large amount of waste? Economic priority to society"

Give priority to environmental protection? Create a world that coexists harmoniously with nature, change and move towards the future. ".

This is the responsibility and obligation entrusted to us by society.

Grasp the reality of the regeneration site, work together to think, research, develop and provide ideal services to the regeneration industry

Regeneration cycle system is the mission of the company. In order to achieve this mission, all members of our company will work together.
Dalian factory】       ADD:Beihai Industrial Park, Ganjingzi District, Dalian, Liaoning Province       TEL:+86‐0411‐87603289    

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Wuxi factory】    ADD:No.40 Zhanhong Road, Xinwu, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province    TEL:+86‐0510‐85311156     Portable: 189‐4133‐9222